Five Benefits of Reading With Your Children


It improves their language development and literacy skills

When you read with your children, you are constantly exposing them to new words.  This increases their vocabulary as you help them to discover their meanings. Further, you can guide them through the process of using context clues to better understand text as they read.

Leading by example

As you read to your child, you are showing them how to read language.  You will use a particular inflection in your voice to convey a point. You pause at commas and periods, utilize an excited tone when you see exclamation marks, and add an inquisitive lilt when sentences end with a question mark.

Increased awareness about the world

Reading is an excellent way to learn about the world beyond your immediate community. You can also use books to teach your children about historical events that have impacted the present.

Cultivates their creativity

Literature has the ability to transport readers to worlds they may have never imagined. It is in the pages of a book that a child may develop the idea that they can ride a dragon or cast a magical spell.

Helps them become lifelong readers

Simply put, the more you read to your child, the more you empower them to want to read! They’ll look forward to reading time and it will increase their likelihood of reading independently.


In the comments, tell me why you find it important to read with your child.

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