On Mardi Gras Day (Book Review)

Most of us know that Mardi Gras is a celebration that is observed in New Orleans. We know about the parties, the vibrant colors, and the excitement that washes over the city. By reading, On Mardi Gras Day, we can take that understanding to another level.  This picture book tells the story of two siblings who partake in all the jubilation. Readers learn about the various parades that take place such as Zulu, which makes fun of the Southern traditions that once separated Black and White people. You will also read about the Mardi Gras Indians who parade in the streets wearing elaborate costumes while singing and chanting.

The celebration is also about fellowship with loved ones. The children enjoy a large lunch with their extended family and play in the streets with friends. Personally, I’ve never researched Mardi Gras so I learned a lot from this book. Mardi Gras 2019 is on March 5th so kick off the celebration with this informative read!


Written by: Fatima Shaik

Paintings by: Floyd Cooper

Ages: 4-8 years old ; Grades: Preschool-3

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