Michelle (Book Review)

From both her parents, Michelle learned to dream big.

Throughout her life, dreaming big is what allowed Michelle Robinson Obama to achieve success during her life.  Michelle, written by Deborah Hopkinson and illustrated by AG Ford, chronicles the future First Lady’s life from childhood to the night she danced at her first inaugural ball as an adult.  Michelle was born to parents who valued education and instilled that into their children. Whether it was learning to read at a young age or becoming middle school salutatorian, or gaining admission into an Ivy League institution, she always pursued academic excellence.

Her perseverance paid off and she started working at a law firm soon after graduating from Law School.  There, she met a young man who was passionate about serving the community. Michelle was impressed by his drive and they started dating.  That man was Barack Obama.  Together, they dreamed big about the ways they could help this country to be even better and create unity among all people.  When Barack ran for President of the United States, Michelle was right by his side. On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the U.S. The woman who grew up on Chicago’s South Side became the First Lady of the U.S. Barack and Michelle Obama (along with their two daughters) made history as they became the first Black First Family. It was a historic moment that many people will never forget.

From Michelle Obama we can all learn a valuable lesson: If you dream big and put in the work to actualize those dreams, you can accomplish anything.

Michelle is for readers 7 and up.

This is another selection in our Women’s History Month series.  In the comments below, tell me what other powerful women you’d like to read about.

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