Flossie and the Fox (Book Review)

When people ask if I have a favorite book, I usually say no. I mean, I have read so many enjoyable books in my life that it is impossible to narrow it down to just one!

Well, I have a confession. I definitely have a top book. A book from my childhood that stands out so clearly that I still remember the first time I read it–back in first grade! It is a book that, when I ran across it unexpectedly in my neighborhood library, I gasped. Out loud. Literally. It is just that special to me.

So I’m sure you’re reading this and saying, “Enough already! What is this fabulous book?” The book is entitled Flossie & the Fox, written by Patricia C. McKissack and illustrated by Rachel Isadora. Flossie Finley is a precious young African American girl.  One day Flossie’s grandmother asks her to take some food to a neighbor. In doing so, she warns her to watch out for any foxes because they can be very sly. Certainly enough, Flossie encounters the fox in the woods. He wants to get the tasty treats in her basket but Flossie is one step ahead.  I won’t spoil the entire plot but just know that she outsmarts the fox in a masterful way.

Flossie & the Fox is a beautifully written book.  It captures Southern dialect and the unique voice of each character in a way that makes reader feel like they’re right there watching the action unfold.  Moreover, the story contains a very critical lesson that parents will want to discuss with children: You should never let anyone tell you who are or are not. They don’t have say over your character and you should never give them any power to think they do.

This book is perfect for little readers 4-8 years old.

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