Solo Girl (Book Review)

Cass is a math wizard. She memorized her times tables and can solve any problem placed before her.  But when her family moves to a new neighborhood, her math skills don’t seem as impressive as they were before and she doesn’t have her friends nearby.  Instead of socializing, she spends lonely hours wishing she could unlock the side of her brain that would allow her to double dutch.

As fate would have it, Cass gets the opportunity to help the most popular double dutch girl in the neighborhood with her math lessons. In exchange, Cass will get jump rope lessons from the best. Will that be enough to give Cass graceful feet? Will she make new friends? Check out Solo Girl by Andrea Davis Pinkney for the answers!

This book is for young readers ages 7-9.

In the comments below, tell me something difficult that you learned to do during childhood.

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