Who Will I Be, Lord? (Review)

And what will I be, Lord? What will I be? Who will I be?

These are all questions that the protagonist of Who Will I Be, Lord? asks herself. As she looks at the the members of her family, she sees that everyone works in different careers that plays to their various strengths. Her cousin is musician. Although music is his passion, he works at a diner to pay the bills. He dreams and puts forth the work to make his dreams come true. Her mother is a stay at home mom. She cares for members of the community and her family. People say she was born with the ability to nurture. Our protagonist has very accomplished people in her family and knows that the possibilities for her life are endless.  Ultimately, she realizes that all decisions for her future are up to her to make. And that is certainly a valuable lesson for everyone.

Who Will I Be, Lord? is by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson ; illustrations by Sean Qualls. For readers 5-9 years old.


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