Issa Rae Options Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow

Hey Book Lovers! Making a small departure from our typical content to share exciting book news for the adults. Yesterday it was announced that Issa Rae has acquired rights to the film version of  Tayari Jones’ 2011 novel, Silver Sparrow. Rae will also produce the project.

Silver Sparrow is a compelling tale of an Atlanta-based family whose patriarch is bigamist. The “secret” daughter, Dana, goes through a journey that takes her from anger over her family situation to jealousy over her half-sister’s life and finally, acceptance. The story unfolds beautifully and while you may not agree with the actions of every character, Jones sets the stage in a way that helps you understand their intentions a bit more.

Kudos to Issa Rae for adding this to her portfolio of upcoming projects. I can’t wait to see Silver Sparrow on the big screen!

Silver Sparrow

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