Young, Gifted and Black (Book Review)

Here at Peachy Reads, we believe that learning about Black history and culture should happen all year long–not just during the month of February. So we’re happy to present Jamia WIlson’s Young, Gifted and Black a book with biographical profiles of 52 Black heroes from past and present times. I love that this book goes beyond the icons we typically study in school and introduces readers to figures who may be completely unfamiliar. For example, I learned about Mo Farah, a long-distance runner from England.  Farah won two gold medals during the 2016 Rio Olympics. A few pages later, however, readers will encounter contemporary figures such and Beyoncé Knowles and Esperanza Spalding.

The bios are written in a brief manner that provide high level information about each figure.  They spark intrigue that may prompt readers to do additional research. Colorful illustrations by Andrea Pippins practically jump off the pages. This book is excellent for families to read over time, supporting the process with dialogue and research. Be sure to add Young, Gifted and Black to your reading list today!

This book is for young readers 9-12 years old.

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