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Nikki & Deja: Substitute Trouble (Book Review)

When Deja’s beloved teacher Ms. Shelby-Ortiz  is out of school unexpectedly due to an injury, her classroom gets turned upside down. Nobody lines up properly, people talk out of turn, students lie about what lesson they’re on, and much more! On top of that, they get the WORST substitute teacher ever! He doesn’t do anything the way Ms. Shelby-Ortiz does and it shows in his classroom management skills (or lack thereof). Deja and her best friend Nikki decide that they don’t like any of this. They set out to give the substitute some helpful tips and try to get their classmates to behave. Unfortunately, their efforts somewhat backfire and the girls learn that not every situation is as bad as it seems. Especially when there are worse situations around the corner!

Nikki & Deja: Substitute Trouble was written by Karen English and illustrated by Laura Freeman.  Your young reader will likely relate to the shenanigans that can occur when a substitute teacher fills in for the day.  It will serve as an excellent reminder that students should respect adults in the classroom and that failure to do so has real consequences. 

This book is for young readers 6-9 years old. 

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