These Hands (Book Review)

Have you ever stopped to think about the power we possess in our hands?  I mean, in this very moment I am using my hands to type this post. I’m using them to push my glasses further up my nose every so often. Earlier I used them to turn the pages of some amazing picture books that I will review here on the blog. So with that idea in mind, I present These Hands written by Hope Lynne Price and illustrated by Bryan Collier. This is a beautiful picture book that will teach young children about everything that hands can do. Some are immediately relatable, such as tickling, writing, and clapping. Others, such as helping grandma to walk, may lead children to learn about new experiences. 

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Firstly, many have a textured element that is different from standard illustrations. Secondly, the illustrator does a great job conveying action.  There is a page where the main character is getting her hair done and it looks so lively. I could swear I could actually see her mother parting her hair. 

These Hands is for young readers 3-7 years old.

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